Attic Insulation

You can save up to 50% of your heat loss by simply  insulating your attic. Why pay for central heating bills that are literally going through the roof?

Attic Insulation keeps the heat where you want it: in your home. It is the most cost effective energy saving action you can make, with the average attic insulation paying for itself in less than three years. With the current Better Energy Cash Grant scheme  there has never been a better time to insulate your home.

How It Works

Baker & Co will assess the level of insulation in your attic and will advise you on the insulation required to meet the Home Energy Saving HES Standard.

Baker & Co staff will ensure that all the water pipes, cold water storage tanks and attic trap doors are insulated and any servicable items accessible post-instillation.


  • Save Money on heating bills
  • Reduce Heat Loss
  • Prevent Pipes Freezing in Winter
  • Enjoy a Warmer Home
  • Create storage solutions


New Build

As an experienced installer of all types of insulation for new builds we can give advice and guidance on the best products to suit your building needs and meet the requirements of the latest Building Regulations.  

As an independent family owned business we ensure that we use the insulation product that suits the individual house requirements. We are not limited to any one manufacturer, ensuring we choose the best option every time.  More On Our Products>>>>

Storage Solutions

Need more storage space? We can provide extra storage solutions in your loft, while still achieving the required thermal resistance values, by utilising our composite insulated flooring range of products.

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3 Easy Steps to an Energy Efficient Home:


Contact Baker & Co. Insulation for a Free Home Energy Assessment.



We help you through each step of the SEAI Grant application process.



We insulate your home to the highest industry standard and provide a full report on our work. Your home is greener, warmer and you SAVE on heating bills.